Why Elon Musk Chose is Dating Musician Grimes?

She is very eccentric

Singer Grimes is a bizarre girl with an odd face who is often considered quirky and whimsical. Recently, she auctioned off a fraction of her soul with bids starting at 10 million dollars. Another strange act from the musician was choosing a weird name for her baby. She named her firstborn son X Æ A-12.

She speaks Russian

Few people know that the 32-year-old singer and artist from Canada studied at a Russian school and is fluent in Russian. The paternal grandmother of the singer was Ukrainian. She only spoke with her granddaughter in Russian her entire life. Although Grimes was born and raised in Vancouver, she is well acquainted with Russian and Ukrainian literature and customs. That explains why Musk often tweets in Russian!

She is very special

Grimes has a speech impediment. She is lisping, but this does not seem to bother her much. On the other hand, her fans like it! The singer has many tattoos. Of course, they all mean something. For instance, there is a triforce symbol on her forearm, which is taken from her favorite video game, “The Legend of Zelda”. She also has an alien head, her lucky number (8), and a bunch of other tattoos all over her body.

She has the same sense of humor

The tech genius Elon Musk and Grimes met on the internet. They have been flirting on Twitter for a long time. The couple found common ground very easily.

It turned out that they have very similar outlooks on life and a sense of humor. Grimes claims that Musk is one of the few people who gets her strange jokes. According to Zoomboola, their passionate romance quickly led to the wedding and the birth of a son.