5 Marvel Heroes From a New Phase of Cinematic Universe

During the D23 Expo Marvel exhibition participants presented new content for Disney +. Of course the following facts will be about new sequels of a cinematic universe. And also about new heroes.

Miss Marvel

The first sequel will introduce to us a superwoman Miss Marvel. Under this name a female citizen of America is hiding, who has also some Pakistani roots.

As for super powers – she can change her shape by stretching or increasing herself.



The sequel “She-Hulk” was also announced by screenwriters. She is a cousin of Bruce Benner and works as a lawyer’s assistant. Once she was badly wounded and needed to have a blood transfusion. The only donor who could do that was Bruce.

Because of radiation in his blood the side-effect took place and Jennifer turned into She-Hulk. Her main difference from Bruce is the ability to control her body and opportunity to become a green monster only when she needs to.

Moon Knight

James Gunn once told that he would like to shoot a feature-length film about this character. There were some talks about the feature movie like this and the main role should be acted by Keanu Reeves.

Uatu The Watcher

The fourth and the fifth characters who will jump into the fourth phase and appear in a film “Eternals” became Uatu The Watcher and the leader of mighty Celestials Arishem the Judge.

In comics Celestials and The Watchers had a terrible war between each other. The Watchers were angry with the way of life Celestials had. They considered that experiments in genetic area which Celestials headed were amoral.

Arishem the Judge

Arishem the Judge is one of the mightest Celestials. He is one of the first who was allowed to decide which civilizations can go on existing and which ones should be destroyed.