4 Wrestlers Who Became Famous Actors

In wrestling participants usually use special acting tricks to make the show remarkable for audience. Some of them do it so convincing that they become rather successful professional actors.

Dwayne Johnson

In 2019 Dwayne “Rocky” Johnson was claimed as the highest-paid actor. Not everyone knows that the first nickname of Johnson was not “Rocky”. He started his way in wrestling world as Rocky Maivia. He became “Rocky” being adored by audience and after winning the title of WWE champion for 17 times.

Hulk Hogan

Many fans remember this actor from his films which were produced in 90’s. Among them can be marked “Rocky 3”, “Suburban Commando”, “Mr. Nanny”, “Thunder in Paradise”, “Santa with Muscles” and so on. In wrestling, where he came to cinematography from, he had a nickname “Hollywood”.

Dave Batista

The brightest work of Batista’s career is definitely a movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, where he played as Drax. You could also see him in movies like “Riddick”, “Spectre”, “Escape Plan 2: Hades”, “Stuber” and so on. Wrestling fans also recognise him as “Leviathan”. In his time the actor became a champion of Ohio Valley Wrestling tournament.

John Cena

John’s career of a wrestler was really successful. He became a winner of WWE for 5 times and won the championship for 25 times. His career in cinematography started in 2006 when he played the main role in a film “The Marine”. Besides, he played for the main characters in films like “12 Rounds” and “Legendary”. He also shooted in “Bumblebee”.