Supporting Actors Who Overshadowed the Main Characters

Leonardo DiCaprio – What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

This film is about a difficult life of young Gilbert Grape whose role was acted by Johnny Depp. His family lost father, and mother was suffering from obesity. So all the duties rested on his shoulders. He has also got two sisters and a little brother called Arni, who was played by DiCaprio.

Arni is mentally retarded, so needs a full-time control. Each time when no-one watches him the boy is climbing a local high tower. This role became the first serious and very successful work of Leo, but it isn’t fading in front of a more experienced Depp’s play.

Christian Bale – The Fighter

In the centre of the plot there is a boxer Micky Ward, who was played by Mark Woldberg. He has difficult relations with his coach who is also his brother. And here appears Christian Bale, who acted as a brother. His character also was a boxer who became famous after he put down Sugar Ray.

In this film he suffers from drug addiction, because of which he often finds himself in different troubles. Though it was a supporting role, Christian prepared for it a lot.

Harrison Ford – Star Wars

A role of Khan Solo brought Ford the world fame. According to the plot he is an arrogant scammer who is also with a great sense of humor. The main character was Jedi Luke Skywalker. But it was Ford’s character who became the most popular in the whole franchise of “Star Wars”. Film biography of Mark Hamill doesn’t include any other works like this one, but Harrison Ford has received a role of Indiana Jones in a big franchise.