5 Men in the Life of Jennifer Lopez

Having attractive appearance, J. Lo always gathered lots of boyfriends around herself.

Ojani Noa

The first husband of 28 years old actress was a waiter from Cuba whom she met during the shooting of film “Blood and Wine”. Their romance was very passionate and in a year the couple finally got married. Their marriage lasted a bit more than one year.

After divorce Noa was blackmailing his ex-wife by threatening to share online home video with the woman. Demands of Noa to pay him 5 million dollars were not satisfied, but fans still haven’t seen the promised video.

Chris Judd

In 2001 the actress got married for the second time. A dancer Chris Judd became her couple. But this marriage also wasn’t meant to last for a long time. Less than in a year they had broken.

Ben Affleck

In 2002 Jennifer and Ben announced about the coming soon engagement and started to get ready for the following wedding ceremony.

Lots of fans considered this couple as one of the most beautiful in Hollywood and even called their unity “Bennifer”.

Suddenly, just on the last day before the celebration, the couple told about their breakup. Everything was held peacefully and without fanfare.


Marc Anthony

Consolation after breaking with Affleck came to actress with the appearance of her old friend – Marc Anthony. They arranged a wedding ceremony in 2004. These were the longest relations in Jennifer’s life, which had lasted till 2014. During this marriage the couple got two children – Max and Ammy.

After divorce her other man was a dancer Casper Smart, who was 18 years old younger than the actress. They were dating for several years, but still that didn’t come to marriage.

Alex Rodriguez

In 2017 J. Lo became a beloved girl of the famous basketball player Alex Rodriguez. The day before the wedding she found out about the affairs of her groom, but still she agreed to marry him.