4 Actors Who Always Act as Bad Guys

In film industry it often happens so that some actors can manage certain images better than the others.

Mads Mikkelsen

An actor from Dania with cold appearance made lots of attractive ladies fall in love with him. Girls were not confused with the role of a murderous maniac which he acted in “Hannibal”. And this is one of the most well-known works in his film biography, by the way.

In his entire career he had much more bad roles, than positive ones. Screenwriters are sure that he is perfect for the image of an evil character. He also acted as Caecilius who was resisting Doctor Strange. He also was cool at the role of a sly banker in the 21st film about agent 007 – “Royal Casino”.

John Malkovich

A remarkable point of the actor’s film biography is that his characters are able to turn immediately from an absolutely normal state to psychosis.

It’s about Vicomte Sébastien de Valmont from “Dangerous Liaisons” or Mitch Leary from “In the Line of Fire”, which brought this actor the Oscar Award. If you need more proofs of his “villainy”, watch again the film “Con Air”. As for the last works of the actor – film critics can highlight the “Bird Box”.

Peter Stormare

Positive characters of Swedish actor are the smallest part of his film biography. Fame came to this man long before the sequel “Prison Break”. His first remarkable role was a mad killer in the detective “Fargo”. In project “Constantine” his character was no one else, but Lucifer.

Willem Dafoe

One of the most evil faces in Hollywood. He played a role of Green Goblin in “Spiderman”, acted as a terrorist in a movie “Speed 2: Cruise Control”. Fans can also remember the role of Max Shreck in the film “Shadow of the Vampire”.