6 Superheroes Who Have No Superpowers

A person without any special powers is rather rare for the world of superheroes. Especially when he can fight equally with guys who have lots of different gifts. The thing is that all of them can compensate the lack of powers with other unique abilities.


Before becoming Batman’s companion Robin was making shows in circus as an acrobat. He is an orphan like Batman and maybe that’s one of the reasons for why Bruce Wayne started to care about him. Robin has no any superpowers, but physically he is very strong. And the friendship with Batman helped him to develop different other useful skills.

Black Widow

The heroine of Marvel Universe is called Natalya Romanov. She is one of three members of Avengers team, who have no any superpowers. But she artfully mastered almost all kinds of martial arts and perfectly owns a firearm.


Hawkeye mastered archery excellently and, as it become clear from his name, he has incredible sight. He learned how to shoot in his childhood when after losing his parents he joined the travelling circus.

The Punisher

The Punisher had a great military education. He owns his fists rather well, is very hardy and also shoots pretty well. In the sequel we noticed these skills working and even not once. He could even beat Daredevil.

Iron Man and Batman

They both have no any superpowers, both heroes are also rather intelligent and can find out the steps their enemies will do long time before that happens in real time. They also both have super costumes.

Iron Man has a Hulkbuster which was invented right for stopping Hulk. And Batman has Justice Buster. With the help of this costume he could fight all the members of Justice League being alone.