5 Bisexual Hollywood Stars

Kristen Stewart

The star of “Twilight” didn’t differ with legibility with men’s choice. But now many people think that her romance with Robert Pattinson was nothing else than just PR, and in real life she prefers girls more. However, the romance with a screenwriter of «Snow White and the Huntsman» movie proves that Kristen is bisexual.

Angelina Jolie

The main Hollywood belle had very rough youth. It also included narcotics, multiply partners. Besides, some of them were women. Angelina doesn’t run from her past and doesn’t refuse it, which deserves the respect. She supports LGBT-society and stands for the equal rights for lovers of the same gender.

Amber Heard

Before getting married with Johnny Depp Amber Heard claimed that she was bisexual and regretted a lot afterwards. «From actresses Ember Herd I turned into “lesbian Amber Heard”», was complaining the actress. And her photos with female partner and photographer Tasya Van Ree were entirely criticized.

Katy Perry

You don’t have to doubt that Katy Perry is bisexual if you heard her main hit I Kissed A Girl at least once. Moreover, the singer grew up in a deeply religious family where any talks about non-traditional orientation were strictly forbidden.

Megan Fox

The actress admits that women are interesting to her and that she also had a rapid romance with a female stripper. But she didn’t have long-term relationships with with women. Though Megan states that she would gladly bang with a “real lesbian”.