Three Actors Who Became Hostages of Their Image

Today you will learn about the most famous actors who are forever connected with their most known images.

Steven Seagal – Niko Forever

Nowadays Steven has shooted in more than 60 movies. But almost each one reminds the previous and predicts the following.

In the beginning of 90-s project “Above the Law” appeared. In this film he acted as a policeman called Niko Toskani. Then similar movies like this one started to come out. For example – “On Deadly Ground”, “Hard to Kill” and “Marked for Death”.

All these movies were as similar as the spitting image of each other, so audience sometimes thought that it was one franchise with all these films. Even though the names of the main characters were different.

Danny Trejo – Bad Guy for Ages

Danny started his career as an actor in far 80’s. Since that time he has managed to take part in more than 300 projects. In most of them he was getting images of a killer, madman, maniac, drug dealer or some other kinds of a criminal, bad guy.

Danny mainly owes all these roles to his scaring a bit appearance. It would be difficult to imagine Trejo as a fruity guy like the other actor from the review or in any melodrama film.

Zac Efron – Born With a Silver Spoon

Zac is over 30 now, but from the first glance he is still a fruity guy, as we remember him from the movies. So that’s not surprising that in all films Zac gets the roles of a fruity guy who is adored by girls: “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”, “The Greatest Showman”, “17 Again”, “Baywatch”. The genres are different, but Zac’s image is still unchanged.