In wrestling participants usually use special acting tricks to make the show remarkable for audience. Some of them do it so convincing that they become rather successful professional actors. Dwayne Johnson In 2019 Dwayne “Rocky” Johnson was claimed as the highest-paid actor. Not everyone knows that the first nickname ofContinue Reading

In film industry it often happens so that some actors can manage certain images better than the others. Mads Mikkelsen An actor from Dania with cold appearance made lots of attractive ladies fall in love with him. Girls were not confused with the role of a murderous maniac which he acted in “Hannibal”.Continue Reading

Kristen Stewart The star of “Twilight” didn’t differ with legibility with men’s choice. But now many people think that her romance with Robert Pattinson was nothing else than just PR, and in real life she prefers girls more. However, the romance with a screenwriter of «Snow White and the Huntsman» movie proves thatContinue Reading

Today you will learn about the most famous actors who are forever connected with their most known images. Steven Seagal – Niko Forever Nowadays Steven has shooted in more than 60 movies. But almost each one reminds the previous and predicts the following. In the beginning of 90-s project “Above the Law” appeared. In this filmContinue Reading